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Making a Habit of Pushing Boundaries

Fitness challenges help us to push and stretch our abilities and boundaries. One of REIGN’s founders, Mark, experienced the highs and lows of the stretch first-hand when he ran the London Marathon in 2021 while we were testing REIGN product prototypes and preparing for our launch.

Mark has an underlying health condition that made doctors concerned about his ability to undertake such a feat. There were no doubts about his mental capacity for endurance but real concern about his bodies capacity to deal well with fatigue. His story is remarkable and here he shares his three key learnings.

1. Make a Habit of Pushing Boundaries - Mark didn't only push himself to the limit when he ran the marathon - he pushed himself to the limit lots of times during the preparation and training. Stretching our boundaries isn't something we should do occasionally - it's something we should be doing as often as possible.

2. Do Good - Attaching the completion of something that's genuinely challenging to doing good for others was key to his success. "I decided to raise money for Alzheimer's and had people who have experienced the effects of Alzheimers write messages on my shirt. Those people and those messages pushed me on when I wanted to quit. Finishing the marathon became something I wanted to do for them, as much as I wanted to do it for myself."

3. Work on Mental Strength as well as Physical Strength - "I had to train my mind to complete a marathon just as much as I had to train my legs. I learned the power of positivity and how setting targets and consistently working hard to achieve them helped to teach my brain that the distance was possible."

We love the three lessons and continue to apply them as we build a brand that's dedicated to boundary pushers and those who believe in better.



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