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Simple, Stylish, Sustainable and Built to Last. Let it REIGN!

Our story feels as though it's just beginning but still worth telling. We launched just two weeks ago and want to take a minute to thank those who have supported us so early in our journey and who are helping to shape our brand. We may be new and we may be small but thanks to an incredible group of customers we don't in any way feel insignificant. We're learning fast and have a team who are committed to doing whatever it takes to build a brand that customers love.

There are a few important principles that guide and inspire the team at REIGN. These principles are key to the way we operate and central to the way we are building the brand. First up is our belief that everyone can win. This is a brand for boundary pushers, for people that love to stretch and who challenge themselves to bring their A-game and accomplish the extraordinary. It's a brand that loves effort, hard work and hustle. The upside down crown on our logo connects us to the truth that everyone matters and that everyone can win. We apply this truth to our people internally as well as to our customers. Everyone involved in the manufacturing of our products deserves to work in conditions that prioritise their safety and wellbeing and they deserve to be compensated fairly. REIGN products are manufactured in Fair Wear certified environments where employees are treated with respect and dignity. Great apparel doesn’t just look good. It does good.

If everyone wins but the planet loses what's the point in playing? We're committed to leaving the planet in better condition than how we found it. All apparel has a footprint of some sort but we’re committed to minimising ours as much as we can. Our products are made of the most sustainable materials we can find and they’re built to last. They are designed to get better with age and wear. We build tee-shirts that retain their shape wash after wash after wash. Every detail on our crews and hoodies has been thought about with durability and quality in mind so our products should never end up in landfill. If your REIGN product ever needs to be repaired send it back to us and we’ll do everything we can to fix it. If we can’t repair it, we’ll ensure it is responsibly recycled. We're proud to a member of 1% for the planet and committed to giving at least 1% of our revenue to UK based initiatives that seek to address the most critical environmental issues of our day.

We want everything about our brand to reflect these key principles. When that happens we know customers will have the very best experience. We want you to be as proud to wear our apparel as we are to have you with us on the journey.

New reigns bring change. They can inspire innovation and unleash creativity. We’re here to build a brand that makes a difference. We’ll keep pushing ourselves to bring our best efforts every day. The things we care most about deserve nothing less. Thanks again for being a part of this story as it unfolds.


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